What To Expect From Your Romance Or Boudoir Session.

Are you thinking about booking a session but wondering how the whole process works? Then this information is for you. Continue reading to find out what happens before, during and after your Romance or Boudoir session.


Once you decide to book a session, contact me to discuss it. We will cover the style you would like, the types of images you are after and what you would like to use the images for. You will choose your preferred session type and we will schedule your shoot. You will also pay a deposit and we will both sign a service contract.

Next It’s time to brainstorm. We will swap ideas to come up with a detailed plan (a shared Pinterest board is great!) We will talk about hair, make-up, wardrobe, styling, props, posing and more.

Bronte_LR (60)

Day of the Session

Hopefully you will be looking and feeling your best. Self-care in the lead up to your session is important. Being hydrated, well rested, washed, exfoliated and moisturised, is a great start. If you would like your make-up, nails and/or hair professionally done, I can put you in touch with local artists who will ensure you look incredible.

By the time you arrive I will be all set up and ready for action. We will go over any safety precautions as well as deciding which props and outfit to start with.

Then the magic happens! I will guide you through the process, you don’t need to be a model, be yourself. We will start with the most comfortable, relaxed poses and as you gain confidence we will progress through my session plan to create the most amazing images for you.



Every session is exciting to me and I know you will be keen to see your photos. Within 72 hours I will send you a preview of 2-3 images (via Facebook messenger, text or email, low resolution.) Please communicate your editing preferences or any specific requests you may have.

After your images have been fully processed we will meet at my home office (or a mutually agreed location) for a viewing session. I will guide you through the ordering process and help you select the products that best meet your needs. I will issue an invoice and once it has been paid in full, I will place your product orders.

Your privacy is important to me. If you wish to keep images private, you can specify which ones. With your prior approval, I will share selected images on my business social media pages. They can be posted anonymously, however, I have a feeling you will be so proud of them that you will want your name included too.

You can pick up your collection as soon as its ready. I pride myself on providing quality service and products. I am confident that I can fulfil your expectations. If you have concerns with anything at all please notify me in writing within fourteen days so that I can provide a resolution.

I appreciate your support, so if you leave a positive review on my Facebook page you will receive a 10% discount on any future sessions.

Your images will be archived for two years, so if you decide you would like to order additional products, I can arrange it for you during that time.



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