What is the difference between the two?

Romance & Boudoir: You’ve seen me use these terms but are you wondering what they really mean? Boudoir you might have heard of but let me explain just how incredible it really can be. As for Romance? Well, lets just say, you’re going to want to read about this session type too….

What is Boudoir Photography?

Melissa_High_Res (46)

Boudoir photography means something different to each person.  The term ‘boudoir’ is French for ‘bedroom’.  It also derives from the French verb ‘bouder’, which means ‘to be sulky’ or to ‘pout.’ So traditionally boudoir photographs were taken in the bedroom and they were pouty and sexy in nature.

A bedroom is an intimate space to be comfortable, natural and relaxed. I believe that a boudoir photo shoot should be all these things but it doesn’t HAVE to be in your bedroom! You might have a gorgeous lounge chair you want to recline on, or perhaps you want to get wet in a stream, stand beneath the golden light of the setting sun or dance in a field of wildflowers.

Whether your style is traditional or modern, subtle or brazen, boho, classic, sporty, sensuous or flirty, we can indulge it. My boudoir sessions are all about you, your personality, your passion and the elements that make you feel most sexy and confident. You can wear something formal or casual, lingerie, pyjamas, a costume, underwear or even just bed sheets. Whatever you choose, your session will celebrate all the things that make you unique.


What is Romance Photography?


Romance Photography captures the connection between two lovers. Each couple brings their own dynamic style to the session, resulting in images that are beautiful to look at but also really mean something.

A photography session allows you to celebrate your love in a memorable and tangible way. Perhaps it is your one-year anniversary, or you just got engaged, maybe you are expecting a baby together or just want to do something special for each other. Whatever your reasons are, your journey together is unique.

Your story will inspire the Romance session. Together we will create images that are authentic, passionate and most of all, timelessly capture the emotion you feel for each other.

So in short,

Boudoir is a session designed just for you

and Romance is a session made especially for two!

P.S. Men can have Boudoir session’s too! In fact, the industry has even coined the term Dudeoir to refer to Male Budoir Photography. So what are you waiting for? Call to book a session today. Spoil yourself and the person you love most in the world!



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