A Boudoir Exhibition


In August my work was featured as part of a collective online photography exhibition. The virtual exhibition titled ‘Behold’, was hosted by eight Australian photographers, and included a variety of fine art portraits.

Now that the live exhibition is over, I thought I would share the images here. My series is titled 30+ and it is an exhilarating exploration into the realm of beauty and sensuality that exists beyond the age of thirty.

The intimate portraits form a narrative that opposes the negative messages we receive every day about our bodies and ageing. It is a dynamic celebration of the mind, spirit and body. So please enjoy these images and spend some time considering what it really means to be 30+.

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5 Tips for Photography Friendly Make-Up

Bronte (77)

These five tips will keep you looking picture perfect from the start, until the end of your photo shoot.

1. Avoid flashback.

Moisturizers and foundation containing SPF are designed to reflect light away. If your photographer is using a flash the combination can cause your face to look washed out, a phenomenon known as “flashback.” Light-reflecting ingredients to avoid include Titanium Dioxide (CI77891) and Zinc Oxide (77947), Silica, Silver Mica and any product containing glitter or shimmer. Matte products really are your best bet.

To ensure you are safe, apply your foundation and then take a photo on your iphone with the flash on. If your make-up is going to cause flashback this simple check will make it obvious as direct, close up flash is the worst offender. If your face looks great, then continue with your make up application. For more information on the topic check out this fabulous blog post.

Melissa_High_Res (75)

2. Be bold

Photography is incredible but one of its shortcomings, is that it doesn’t capture the true vibrancy of colours. So all of the colour you apply needs to be a couple of shades bolder than how you want it to appear in your images. This is one of the reasons why photography make-up appears more ‘over-the-top’ than typical day wear make-up. It isn’t because you aren’t beautiful, it’s because we want to help the camera capture your features and the right make-up allows us to do it best.

Tash_Luder_LRRH_Low_Res-0168 (2)

3. Focus on the eyes

Portrait photography usually has a strong emphasis on eyes. They are the window to your soul after all! So have your peepers looking bright and beautiful by blending your eyeshadow into the eye crease and contouring along it in a slightly darker shade. For the best results use black eyeshadow (even if you typically wear brown.) Also fill in your brows especially if you are blonde. Nice full, well defined brows look better than having gaps or being too think and barely visible. Last but definitely not least… false lashes! Trust me on this, false lashes make all the difference. Even if you’ve never worn them before, it is worth paying a make-up artist to apply them for you.


4. Countour & Highlight

Countouring provides extra definition to your face. Use matte contouring products to create the appearance of shadow under your cheekbones, on the sides of your nose and on your jawline. Highlighters emphasise the shape of your cheekbones and add a glow to your face. They are typically applied to the top of your cheekbone, chin and the centre of your forehead.  This article contains two videos with great information for beginners.


5. Set & Blot

A fine mist of make-up setting spray is vital to keep your make-up in place and help prevent it from fading, melting or cracking. If you are planning a long shoot, shooting in warm conditions (outside in the sun or under hot lights) or are someone who sweats a lot then blotting paper is a must. Rather than wiping your face with the back of your hand, just gently dab the sweaty areas with blotting paper to remove the moisture and more importantly, the excess oil on your skin. That way, you can maintain your flawless appearance, even under trying conditions.


What is the difference between the two?

Romance & Boudoir: You’ve seen me use these terms but are you wondering what they really mean? Boudoir you might have heard of but let me explain just how incredible it really can be. As for Romance? Well, lets just say, you’re going to want to read about this session type too….

What is Boudoir Photography?

Melissa_High_Res (46)

Boudoir photography means something different to each person.  The term ‘boudoir’ is French for ‘bedroom’.  It also derives from the French verb ‘bouder’, which means ‘to be sulky’ or to ‘pout.’ So traditionally boudoir photographs were taken in the bedroom and they were pouty and sexy in nature.

A bedroom is an intimate space to be comfortable, natural and relaxed. I believe that a boudoir photo shoot should be all these things but it doesn’t HAVE to be in your bedroom! You might have a gorgeous lounge chair you want to recline on, or perhaps you want to get wet in a stream, stand beneath the golden light of the setting sun or dance in a field of wildflowers.

Whether your style is traditional or modern, subtle or brazen, boho, classic, sporty, sensuous or flirty, we can indulge it. My boudoir sessions are all about you, your personality, your passion and the elements that make you feel most sexy and confident. You can wear something formal or casual, lingerie, pyjamas, a costume, underwear or even just bed sheets. Whatever you choose, your session will celebrate all the things that make you unique.


What is Romance Photography?


Romance Photography captures the connection between two lovers. Each couple brings their own dynamic and style to the session, resulting in images that are beautiful to look at but also really mean something.

It doesn’t matter what status your relationship has, all that matters is that you want to commemorate your love in a long-lasting and tangible way. Perhaps it is your one-year anniversary, or you just got engaged, maybe you are expecting a baby together or just want to do something special for each other. Whatever your reasons are, your journey together is unique.

Your story will inspire the Romance session. Maybe there is a nearby location which is significant to you both, you own a gorgeous classic car, love sunset walks or have other shared interests or hobbies that could be incorporated. These elements create romance in your session and result in images that are authentic, passionate and most of all, timelessly capture the emotion you feel for each other.

So in short,

Boudoir is a session designed just for you

and Romance is a session made especially for two!

P.S. Men can have Boudoir session’s too! In fact, the industry has even coined the term Dudeoir to refer to Male Budoir Photography. So what are you waiting for? Call to book a session today and spoil yourself, or the person you love most in the world. Intimate portrait photography really is for everyone.



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What To Expect From Your Romance Or Boudoir Session.


Are you thinking about booking a session but wondering how the whole process works? Then this information is for you… Continue reading to find out what happens before, during and after your Romance or Boudoir session.

Pre-Session: Once you decide to book a session, have a chat with me to discuss it. We will cover the style you would like, the types of images you are after and lots of other, important aspects. You will choose your preferred session type and we will schedule your shoot. You will also pay a deposit (deducted from the cost of your session) and we will both sign a service contract.

Next It’s time to brainstorm. We will swap ideas to come up with a plan (a shared Pinterest board is great!) We will talk about hair, make-up, wardrobe, styling, props, posing and more.

Day of the Session: You will be looking and feeling your best. For women, your hair and make-up should be professionally done. (If you don’t have an artist that you prefer, I can put you in touch with local make-up artists.) We will meet up, you can show me your outfits and then we will get started with the shoot.

This is when the magic happens! I will guide you through the process, you don’t need to be a model, be yourself! We will start with comfortable, relaxed poses and then work our way through the other poses and outfits in order to create the most amazing images for you.

Post-Session: Within 48 hours I will send you a sneak peak of my favourite, edited photos from the shoot (via Facebook messenger or email, in low resolution).

I will then undertake basic editing on the rest of your images (cropping, straightening, tone and lighting adjustments etc.) You will be able to view proof sheets of your images and pick your favourites. If your package includes art mounts or large prints etc., you select which images to use.

Your privacy is very important to me. I will ask you to complete a model release form and for each proof image, you select the privacy options you prefer. Depending on your preferences, I may create a small album of images to share on my business Facebook page or Website. These images will be approved by you prior to uploading and you will not be tagged in them (unless you want to be.)

I will then retouch and finalise your selected images. Please communicate any specific editing requests that you may have. Once you are happy with the appearance of your finalised images and your invoice has been paid in full, I will order your print products.

Once they have arrived, you can come and collect your package. (Postage is available for an additional fee.) I am confident that you will love your images. If you have any concerns with anything at all, please notify me in writing within 14 days. If you decide you would like to order extra images or products, just let me know and I can make it happen for you.

I appreciate your support, so if you leave feedback for me on my Facebook page, as a repeat customer, you will receive a 10% discount on any future sessions.