5 Tips for Photography Friendly Make-Up

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These five tips will keep you looking picture perfect from the start, until the end of your photo shoot.

1. Avoid flashback.

Moisturizers and foundation containing SPF are designed to reflect light away. If your photographer is using a flash the combination can cause your face to look washed out, a phenomenon known as “flashback.” Light-reflecting ingredients to avoid include Titanium Dioxide (CI77891) and Zinc Oxide (77947), Silica, Silver Mica and any product containing glitter or shimmer. Matte products really are your best bet.

To ensure you are safe, apply your foundation and then take a photo on your iphone with the flash on. If your make-up is going to cause flashback this simple check will make it obvious as direct, close up flash is the worst offender. If your face looks great, then continue with your make up application. For more information on the topic check out this fabulous blog post.

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2. Be bold

Photography is incredible but one of its shortcomings, is that it doesn’t capture the true vibrancy of colours. So all of the colour you apply needs to be a couple of shades bolder than how you want it to appear in your images. This is one of the reasons why photography make-up appears more ‘over-the-top’ than typical day wear make-up. It isn’t because you aren’t beautiful, it’s because we want to help the camera capture your features and the right make-up allows us to do it best.

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3. Focus on the eyes

Portrait photography usually has a strong emphasis on eyes. They are the window to your soul after all! So have your peepers looking bright and beautiful by blending your eyeshadow into the eye crease and contouring along it in a slightly darker shade. For the best results use black eyeshadow (even if you typically wear brown.) Also fill in your brows especially if you are blonde. Nice full, well defined brows look better than having gaps or being too think and barely visible. Last but definitely not least… false lashes! Trust me on this, false lashes make all the difference. Even if you’ve never worn them before, it is worth paying a make-up artist to apply them for you.


4. Countour & Highlight

Countouring provides extra definition to your face. Use matte contouring products to create the appearance of shadow under your cheekbones, on the sides of your nose and on your jawline. Highlighters emphasise the shape of your cheekbones and add a glow to your face. They are typically applied to the top of your cheekbone, chin and the centre of your forehead.  This article contains two videos with great information for beginners.


5. Set & Blot

A fine mist of make-up setting spray is vital to keep your make-up in place and help prevent it from fading, melting or cracking. If you are planning a long shoot, shooting in warm conditions (outside in the sun or under hot lights) or are someone who sweats a lot then blotting paper is a must. Rather than wiping your face with the back of your hand, just gently dab the sweaty areas with blotting paper to remove the moisture and more importantly, the excess oil on your skin. That way, you can maintain your flawless appearance, even under trying conditions.